The Vision Behind Support2bsupported

The Purpose, The Movement

Support2bsupported was born in 2016. HerShe The Entertainer had a vision on how to push people to support one another and out of the ashes this movement was birthed. This is so much more than fashion. Our goal is to promote positivity and love all while being fashionable.

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HerShe The Entertainer


HerShe embarked on her comedy career in 2009. It all started with the passion for writing and acting. She decided to take up comedy course at Macomb Community College in Michigan. After completion Hershe landed her first Comedy opportunity at a well known comedy club called Mark Ridleys Comedy Castle in which she continues to perform today. Comedy expeditiously provided an opportunity for Hershe to travel and perform alongside some of Motown’s biggest names in Comedy such as Coco, Mike Bonner, Shani D, Coolaide, and Foolish just to name a few. In April 2012 she landed her first radio opportunity. She Co-Hosted Turbulence "Detroit Riot Radio" on WHPR with well known radio personalities. Later that year she landed another Co-Host spot on Worldwide Core Radio. Directly after she landed two starring roles in major plays titled "Enemy in My House Too" and "Against All Odds". In 2013 she released her freshmen DVD "Got The Last Laugh". That summer she featured for some leading names from Def comedy jam and wild'n out. She also performed as a feature with Rodney Perry as the host in Atlanta. Hershe decided to take her career south, so in the winter of 2014 she received her very own radio show "Mid Morning Mix with HerShe & FITT" on WGIV radio in Charlotte NC. She continues to branch out and eagerly anticipates the release of her sophomore DVD "Dying Laughing" in the summer of 2016. July 20th 2016 she started touring with 3 other ladies known as the "Underground Comedy Queens". She performed in countries such as Canada and Mexico. She's also toured and performed for various Islands like Antiqua, Barbados, St. Lucia and more. It is her passion to perform and her talents stretch far beyond fashion.

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